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                  GEM-3000 Jewel Identifying Instrument GLIS-3000 GEM Luminous Imaging System PL-3000 Photoluminescence Spectrometer
                  Planum-3000 Optical Element Spectrum Analyzer Micro Material Analysis Instrument

                  Ocean optics

                    Miniature Fiber Optic Spectrometer Near-infrared Spectrometer Fluorescence Spectrometer
                  Raman Spectrometer LIBS Broadband Spectrometer System Oxygen Sensors System
                    Thin Film Reflectometry System SpecEl Ellipsometer System Plasma Spectroscopy

                  Contact an Biaoqi Applications Scientist

                  Product List
                  Light Sources
                     Biaoqi Electronics specializes in provision of imported laboratory and industrious test instruments. Since its establishment, we have been aiming at providing expertise service and integrated solution for labs and plants. Years of national-wide service has accumulated us abundant experience in sale and technical support.
                  Contact Us
                  Biaoqi Scientific (China) Corporation
                  Address:Five Gold Tianhe District, Guangzhou Jin Ying Ying Building, Road No.1, Room 1711
                  Tel: 86-020-38319602 38319620
                  Fax: 86-020-38319595
                  Email: songjinda@gzbiaoqi.com
                  Website: http://www.jedikatie.com
                  版權所有 2007 廣州標旗光電科技發展股份有限公司 www.jedikatie.com
                  電話:(020)38319602 38319620 傳真:(020)38319595 ICP備案:粵ICP備16049535號